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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

In memory of Chrissy Amphlett: 1959 - 2013

And Chrissey's wicked sense of humour, on the same show (host is the incomparable Julia Zemiro). This may offend some people but I find it hilarious, and yes, it was broadcast on free-to-air TV on a Saturday night.


MW said...

No wonder Brian's hair turned grey.

Michael said...

Hey Paul, liked your posting. Yes it was a big shock to hear the news. As Fiona B-B said on RRR, Chrissy wasn't just a great rock chick, she was a great performer. The Divinyls was in fact the first band I ever saw. Also saw them again years later, at a club in Frankston, where she built a certain rapport with one girl, who had put her large bag on the front of the stage. Chrissy used it as a prop - can't remember the song, just the new lyrics, which went "It's a bag, it's a bag". Said owner then had to come up on stage to retrieve it.

I wish you could have been there.

Catch you soon,